For more than three decades, Akron Chemical has specialized in manufacturing and marketing cleaning chemicals and systems.

Starting from the birth of the company in 1976, Akron Chemical successfully led this particular field. The secret of two very enterprising men behind this whole operation lies in their business philosophy.


Akron believes firmly that customers must be treated the way the company expects to be treated.


Akron works at being the best in the field with continuous research and formulation of new products and systems through tests based on the ever progressing market.


Akron provides customers with the confidence in their product with their slogan:


The fact that Akron has increased in their range of products from a modest dozen to almost a hundred today is the very proof that their philosophy works. Customers play a major role in the progress of the company as well.

At Akron, through the feedback of the customers, the challenge of finding the better product is met.

The Research and Development department refines formulations for more effective solutions through your feedback and finally formulates a product that obtains the best result in a faster and more economical way. With the introduction of every new product comes the extensive staff training so that the company can continue to provide the customers with efficient and professional service. Furthermore, with our recent Green Label certification, customers can look forward to more quality products that care for the earth.

As a company in the chemicals industry, Akron believes in maintaining a high standard of hygiene which results in better working and living environment for everyone. The growth of the company does not lie only in the local market. Akron has created active companies overseas in the hope of sharing our efficient products worldwide, expanding our presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea and more.

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