Easy Clean

Akron CX 656 Easy Clean is a cleaner designed specifically for institutional and industrial use.

  • A concentrated blend of non ionic and anionic surfactant plus foam stabilizers.
  • It is specially designed for dishes, silver ware, pots, pants, walls and floor.

Carpet Shampoo 

AKRON CX 303 Carpet Shampoo is an outstanding premium “Dry Foam” carpet and upholstery shampoo

  • Cleans, deodorizes and retards re-soiling.
  • AKRON CX 303 Carpet Shampoo effectively removes both water soluble and greasy soils such as blood, vomit, urine, feces, milk and other organic stains.
  • Its very concentrated – dilute according to the degree of soil and use in either “dry foam” equipment or with conventional carpet shampooers.

Oven Cleaner 

AKRON CX 232 Oven Cleaner is a highly concentrated water-based cleaner.

  • Contains alkaline builders, chleating agent, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor and grease dissolving ingredients.
  • Designed for use on oven, stove hoods, greasy vents, grills, broilers, deep fat fryers, etc.
  • Just spray or brush on and wipe away baked food, grease and carbon build-up from oven, grills, hoods, griddles, etc.and rinse
  • AKRON CX 232 cleans up very easily – just rinse away!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Akron CX 200 / G65 Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a liquid, ready to use, mild, non fuming acid cleaner with a disinfectant.

  • A special blend of mineral acids, detergents, wetting agents, and corrosion inhibitors plus disinfectant.
  • Removes soil, scum, stains and scale.
  • Mild, non-fuming nature makes it extremely safe to use despite its acidic nature.



Wax Stripper

Akron CX 155 Wax Stripper is a high blend of high active detergent, emulsifer and ammonia.

  • Designed for removing old heavy accumulation wax and polish
  • Can be used to strip floor with automatic machines

Glass Cleaner

Akron CX 255 Glass Cleaner is a non-abrasive heavy duty cleaner that cleans and brightens glass.

  • Improves the appearance of glass significantly in cleanliness and brightness
  • Excellent for use on most other non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, porcelain, etc.
  • Leaves no streaks or residue, only an invisible dirt resistant shield.

Multi-purpose Cleaner (Low Foam)

Akron CX 122 Multi-purpose Cleaner (Low Foam) is a concentrated, premium quality, heavy duty liquid surface cleaner.

  • A unique blend of non-ionic surfactants, alkaline builders and chelating agents.
  • Removes heavy accumulations of dirt, grime and other soils quickly and completely.
  • AKRON CX 122 cleans any surface not affected by water alone.

Multi-purpose Cleaner

AKRON CX 121 is a general, multi-purpose cleaner designed to be used for any applications.

  • containing anionic and non-ionic surface active agents with mild alkali builder to give that extra cleaning value.
  • Its terrific for cleaning floors, walls, pot and pans, truck and autos, food equipment and many more surfaces.

Multi-purpose Cleaner + Degreaser (Pride)

Akron Pride is a USDA approved multi-purpose liquid cleaner and degreaser designed for fast-acting results. A must-have for any tough cleaning problems!

  • It rapidly emulsifies oil and grease from any surface!
  • Akron Pride’s powerful grease-cutting properties do a superior job on cleaning floor, stripping wax, degreasing engines, chassis and painted machinery.
  • Use it also to clean glass surfaces, mirrors, vinyl fabrics, leather upholstery and painted woodwork.
  • Akron Pride is highly concentrated and can be diluted extensively before use.
  • It is a non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that will not corrode metal or harm most paints in use dilution.
  • USDA approved.

Liquid Handsoap

AKRON CX 101 is a liquid handsoap designed specifically for every day use.

  • Concentrated blend of non-ionic surfaces plus foam stabilizers and lanolin
  • Specially formulated for regular use by surgeons, patients, factory operators, office staff, etc.
  • Available in lemon fragrance, perfume and pearl type.
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