Seal-o-san (Wood Floor Finish)

Akron Seal-o-san is a floor finish designed to maintain and prepare for wood floors for durability.

  • Based on Polyurethane and aliphatic polyisocynate resins in two pack system.
  • Designed for use on top coat epoxy system, finishes for concrete masonry, wood and metal finishes.
  • Highly resistant to crude and heavy oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, sea water and other chemicals.

Imperial Floor Sealer

AKRON Imperial Floor Sealer is a water emulsion, metal interlocked acrylic sealer.

  • Designed to protect floor against the wear of traffic and regular maintenance.
  • Can be used alone or as a base coat for Akron Imperial Floor Polish.
  • You’ll find Akron Imperial Floor Sealer has a high gloss that seals new floors and prolongs the life of old ones…its scuff and slip resistant too.
  • It has outstanding resistance to water and detergents, yet can be easily removed when desired by Akron Wax Stripper CX 155.

Imperial Floor Finish

This premium metal interlocked acrylic polymer is AKRON’s newest and finest floor finish.

  • Contains 20% solids resulting in incredible toughness, crystal clarity and a shine you won’t believe!
  • Akron Imperial Floor Polish is so hard, so clear and glossy that it looks “wet” even when dry.
  • It levels well without bubbles, blends evenly for patching and needs no buffing in light traffic areas.
  • The ultimate floor finish and can shine up all types of floors beautifully.

Epoxy Coating

AKRON Epoxy Coating is based on special Epoxy resin and polyamide hardener in two-pack system.

  • Designed for use on concrete structure and concrete floors.
  • Highly resistant to crude and heavy oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, acids and other chemicals.

Endure Sealer/Finish

An oil free, moisture cured polyurethane sealer for cement and concrete floors and wood floors.

  • AKRON ENDURE SEALER/FINISH is a floor finish based upon the msot outstanding development in protective coatings in many years – polyurethane.
  • Remarkable plastic resin forms a hard, tough film over surfaces that provides a brilliant gloss.
  • Quality ingredients ensure that it will out-last conventional epoxy and tung oilphenolic sealers by two or three times.
  • It resists such highly corrosive chemical agents such as caustic soda, muriatic acid, sulphuric acid and the solvent effects of gas and fuel.
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