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Lemonex (Germicidal Cleaner)

AKRON’S LEMONEX is a USDA-approved economical detergent/disinfectant concentrate designed for heavy duty use.

  • Effective in hard or soft water, AKRON LEMONEX is a blend of synthetic detergents, builders, emulsifiers, corrosion, inhibitors and two quaternary ammonium germicides.
  • It cleans quickly and thoroughly and rinses easily leaving a fresh lemon fragrance.
  • It carries a santizing dilution rate of 1:64 … provides sure control of S.Aureus (Staph), S. Choleraesuis, Ps, aerugionsa and T. interdigitale (athele’s foot).
  • For economical cleaning and powerful germ killing action, you’ll find none better than AKRON LEMONEX.
  • USDA approved.

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