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Custom Fragrances

Infuse your chosen scent or even create your own signature fragrances into practically anything. A delightful array of fragrance products can be produced for available for personal, commercial, retail and industrial use.

Milk & Rollerball Perfumes

Milk perfumes are specially formulated for humid weather like the climate in tropical Southeast Asia – the comfortable, silky formula absorbs quickly into skin AND moisturizes as well! Its long-lasting scent that will keep you fresh all day. Available in various applicators for what suits you best.

Rollerball perfumes lets you bring your favourite perfume with you wherever you go without all the hassle of a big bottle. Perfect for travelling long and short distances – instead of bringing around that oh-so-heavy 2 fl oz glass bottle of Gucci Guilty or Kenzo Flower, consider this!


Personalised Signature Perfumes

Marc Jacobs created his own Daisy line, Ralph Lauren rocked the Romance label, so why shouldn’t you have your own perfume? Choose the base notes and add your favourite scents for a perfume tailored to YOUR body chemistry. Set it in a glamorous bottle of YOUR choice and just wait for everyone to ask you about what you’re wearing. Also a perfect gift idea!


Industrial Scents Application

Mix in a pleasant scent to dramatically alter your product – Akron has the expertise to deliver the usage of scent into any product you choose, such as:

  • Handsoaps / Bodysoaps – for use in places like hotels who custom-pack their own shampoos and body washes or even for your own personal use
  • Laundry Detergents – keep clothes clean and scented after a wash with deodorizers and disinfectants
  • Floor Cleaners – Infuse your floor cleaners with a relaxing scent to set a refreshing mood for your rooms
  • Airfreshners – in gel, oil, aerosel forms, in spray, diffuser-based forms – we can formulate the right mix for your product
  • Paint Emulsion – Get rid of the unpleasant smell of paint inherent in wall paint for a more pleasant experience
  • Aircon duct diffusingRe-odorize a room through aircon ducts to get rid of the nasty smell of mildew and unwanted dirt

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