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Bloom: Reeds Diffuser Flower


Introducing Akron Bloom:
A flower that lasts forever

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a flower could last forever? Well, this flower does! Made out of special biodegradable materials, Akron Bloom is an everlasting flower that works like a reed diffuser.

What is a reed diffuser?


A reed diffuser is a FLAME FREE way of spreading aromas! Special molecular material creates structures for the perfumes to float into the air, creating a fast, safe method of air freshening.

Akron Bloom uses this technology but in a much more beautiful way – using a specially designed flower that literally blooms into color while working!

Where can I use Akron Bloom?

Because of the safe nature of scenting and green-conscious materials Bloom is made out of, this innovative product is perfect for usage in all places, all affairs and environments such as:

  • wedding
  • corporate gifting
  • lobbies & receptions
  • home & office décor
  • kindergartens

…the possibilities are endless.

Make Your Akron Bloom TRULY YOURS

bloom-ocean-blueFancy a bouquet of ocean blue chrysanthenums with the freshness of the sea? Want to be tickled pink by strawberry scented vibrant roses? We can create an Akron Bloom that is totally personalised to your tastes!

Contact us today for more details on Akron Bloom!

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