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Hygiene Appliances

Akron is a distributor and wholesaler of hygiene appliances in Singapore. We provide a wide range of high-quality commercial-ready products that are both institutional and industrial ready:

Air Dispensers/Freshners

  • air freshner/ air dispensers
  • microfresh air dispensers
  • microfresh fan dispensers

Liquid Dispensers

  • foam soap dispensers
  • liquid soap dispensers
  • toilet seat/ hand sanitizer dispensers


  • sanitary bag dispensers & bins
  • toilet paper roll dispenser
  • tissue dispenser
  • urinal deodorizers
  • anti-slip mats

Package & Save on costs with Akron

Unlike most suppliers, Akron is also a leading manufacturer of accompanying chemical products for your hygiene appliances. Our prices are not only competitive but can also be packaged with our specially formulated chemicals for overall cost efficiency for maintaining your premise.

Prevent unwanted bacteria spread through proactive prevention with hygenic appliances. Contact us today for specific product information.

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