hardware & appliances

Sourced from all around the world for the highest quality in their respective categories, these are supplies Akron is proud to be associated with.

Janitorial Supplies
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Hygiene Appliances
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Cleaning Machinery/
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fragrances & oils

Set the mood with the perfect aroma. Relax, uplift, destress with Akron's extensive range of fragrances & oils. Our expertise makes it possible to mix and infuse scents for any application.

Bloom: Reeds Diffuser Flower
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Akron Bloom - Flower Diffuser
Beautify your environment with this unique floral reeds diffuser! Customize the look and scent for any place and ocassion. More Info

Custom Fragrance Products
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Essential & Carrier Oils
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We distribute and manufacture a variety of essential oils & carrier oils. See full listings of the oils we carry: